Event information-One-on-One talk with Kazuta Nakai

Thank you for your warm support!
We are pleased to announce the details of “virtual event meet-up with Kazuya Nakai”.
Although this is an One-on-One talk, there will be a brief meeting with the interpreter before the talk with Kazuya Nakai (to give him an idea of the talk in advance) to ease the tension.
Details on how to do this will be included in the e-mail notifying you of your selection.

!How to participate!
Just buy a ticket for each one!

1): voice messages
2): delivery ticket

!Where to purchase tickets!

1): voice messages

2): delivery ticket

!Time schedule!

September 24 (Sun.) 23:59 (UTC) Deadline for entries

September 25 (Mon.) 23:59 (UTC) Notification of winners (via E-mail)

September 26 (Tue.) 23:59 (UTC) Deadline for participation declaration

September 27 (Wed.) 01:00 (UTC): Notification of the second round of winners (via E-mail)

September 28 (Thu.) 23:59 (UTC) Deadline for participation declaration


1): Please use the same email address for purchases (voice message and delivery ticket).
Winners will be notified to the email address used at the time of purchase!

2): Please be sure to read the “Things to check before purchase” on each page before purchasing!

3): Please be sure that you are able to receive the winning e-mail from “e.takasaki@rhythm-clap.com”.

4): The drawing method is random using the system.

5): Only the winners will be notified via E-mail (e.takasaki@rhythm-clap.com).

6): Anyone with access to ZOOM can participate.

7): Two simultaneous interpreters will be present on the day.
(English, Arabic and Japanese will be available)

8): Please refrain from discussing topics that intrude too much into his private life.
(e.g.: Where do you live in Japan? etc.)

9): Please refrain from recording or filming on the day of the meeting.
If any of these activities are discovered, the call will be terminated.
No refunds will be made in such cases.

10): If you have any questions, please contact us at the following e-mail address.
E-mail : e.takasaki@rhythm-clap.com

Sincerely yours,
KamoNoNe teams

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